Salmon-Safe Organic is a joint venture between Oregon Tilth and Salmon-Safe, a nonprofit organization working to restore watersheds for salmon to spawn and thrive. Oregon Tilth provides fast track Salmon-Safe certification to organic farmers and handlers that further protect biodiversity and aquatic habitat while helping to redefine the practice of ecologically sustainable agriculture. OTCO farms located in Pacific Northwest salmon watersheds that follow Salmon-Safe Guidelines are eligible to benefit from growing market recognition of the Salmon-Safe label.

The Salmon-Safe Certification Process

Oregon Tilth and Salmon-Safe offer organic growers a comprehensive farm assessment program as part of their routine annual Tilth inspection for a flat fee of $95. The cost of Salmon-Safe certification is minimized for OTCO producers by offering Salmon-Safe certification during routine organic inspection. Assessment for Salmon-Safe is valid for three years and is available for renewal at the end of this period.

Working with Oregon Tilth, Salmon-Safe developed an overlay standard for organic growers that includes additional riparian area management, irrigation water use and erosion control criteria that are either not covered, or are covered only indirectly, under organic certification. Pest management issues are addressed to the extent that inputs approved under organic management are harmful to aquatic ecosystems. For more information about the program, visit the Salmon Safe website.

* Please note that Salmon-Safe Certification is optional and independent of organic certification.

Salmon Safe Certification Application