As export market opportunities continue to grow due with organic equivalency and other trade arrangements, the complexity of properly documenting exports also increases. For products produced or processed in the United States, the USDA National Organic Program has a unilateral Trade Arrangement with Taiwan and a bilateral Equivalency Arrangement with Japan.

Exporting to Japan and Taiwan

If you are importing or exporting with Japan, please be sure to review the details of the US-Japan Equivalency Arrangement. If you are shipping to Taiwan, there are no additional certification requirements. Every shipment of product exported to either Japan or Taiwan requires a transaction document called a TM-11. The TM-11 is a load specific document that must be present in order for the product to clear customs.

×Exporting to Japan & TaiwanReceive an official TM-11 from Oregon Tilth

Please send all export request documents to export@tilth.org