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There are many different types of export documents and transaction certificates. As export market opportunities continue to grow due to organic equivalency and other trade arrangements, the complexity of properly documenting exports also increases.

Exporting in the U.S. and Other Countries

Export documents are not an official requirement for domestic sales and most foreign shipments, but they are often requested by the customer. These requests are satisfied using a transaction document called the OTCO Official Transaction Certificate (TC). For countries such as Korea, Mexico, Canada and those in the US, OTCO can provide this Transaction Certificate. The Transaction Certificate is a load specific document that verifies compliance to the NOP standards. No additional certification criteria apply.

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Please send all export request documents to

Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS)

GOTS Standards require every shipment to be accompanied by a Transaction Certificate (TC) for Textiles. If you are certified to the GOTS program by OTCO, you must request a TC for each shipment of product.

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