In Sweden, consumers recognize the KRAV Sustainability Label as assurance that standards are met, including basic social responsibilities. KRAV contracts with certifiers around the world to inspect EU certified clients to the additional KRAV Sustainability Label requirements.

In 2013, OTCO signed a contractual agreement with KRAV in order to offer this service to our clients.  OTCO will offer the service as a Pilot Program to be reviewed and modified as needed.  As a Pilot Program OTCO has the option to refuse the KRAV service to clients where we feel we do not have the expertise or capacity to perform quality work.

If you are interested in enrolling in the KRAV Sustainability Label Program fill out a KRAV Sustainability Label Request as part of your annual certification application and return it, along with the applicable fees, to

During the Annual Inspection Audit, the OTCO Inspector will gather the necessary information to complete the KRAV Checklist. OTCO does not make a certification decision regarding the KRAV requirements.  A completed copy of the KRAV Checklist will accompany the Inspection Report. You will own the completed checklist and may provide copies to KRAV licensed customers who request it.

This additional inspection does not allow your use of the KRAV label, or make any claims that products are KRAV-certified. It allows you to claim that KRAV’s extra requirements for products have been assessed.The cost of this additional service is $500 per completed checklist.  If you have multiple sites requiring separate checklists according to KRAV requirements each will be charged separately.

Documents and Links:
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