Certification Details

Certification Details provides information about each item certified with Oregon Tilth.


  • ClearFilter – Clears the current Season filter, resetting it back to the current season
  • Season – This filters which season is currently being viewed.


  • ExcelExport – Exports the table to an Excel spreadsheet
  • Inspection services – Shows the service and type of item. Clicking the «-» or «+» will collapse or expand the list respectively.
  • Details – For Grower operations, this shows the number of acreage
  • Information 2 – For Handling operations, this shows the Product Category
  • Certification result – The current organic certification of the item
  • Certified on – The date the item was certified
  • Certification officer – The name of the Certification Officer who issued the certification result

Any row shown in blue indicates there has been a change to the item since the last certification.