Inspection Services

Inspection services shows the organic certifications associated with your operation.

  • ExcelExport – Export table contents to an Excel spreadsheet
  • Service – Name of the organic certification
  • Contract status – State of the service
    • Applicant – The service has been assigned, but not yet certified
    • Archive – Service is no longer active
    • Current – The service is certified
    • Denied – Service is not eligible
    • Not qualified – Service standards have not been met
    • Revoked – Certification of service has been removed
    • Surrendered – Certification of service has been released by client
    • Suspended – Certification of service has been temporarily removed
    • Withdrawn – Service has been removed
  • OSP Rec’d Date – Date that Oregon Tilth received your Organic System Plan
  • FeeEstimate – Estimated cost of the service
  • ClrdAcctg – Date that your account was processed by accounting
  • EffectiveDate – Date that the service came into effect
  • RenewalDate – Your operation’s deadline to send in the renewal paperwork