The Dashboard gives an overview of your operation’s certification status. Each table has filters you can use to show only the information you’re interested in.


  • Corrective actions – Any deviation from organic standards are listed here, as well as what needs to be done to correct it.
    • Season – The season in which the deviation was reported
    • Category – Details the type of corrective action
    • Sanction level type – Details the level of reminder, noncompliance, or action item
    • Status – Shows if the item is in work or completed
    • Due on – The deadline for the requested information to be submitted
    • Responsible person – The OTCO contact person
    • Deviation – Details why the corrective action was issued
    • Measure – Details how to resolve the corrective action


  • Services – The details of your organic certification are listed here.
    • Service – Name of the service
    • Season – The year the service is associated with
    • Status – Shows the current state of the service
    • Renewal Date – The date the service is to be renewed
    • OSP Rec’d Date – The date Oregon Tilth received your Organic System Plan


  • Inspection status – This shows the details of your inspections
    • Season – The year of the inspection
    • Service – The service being inspected
    • Inspection Type – Shows if this is an initial audit, mandatory, or additional
    • Status – Shows the current state of the inspection


  • Certificates
    • Preview – Click to view your certificate
    • Certificate number – ID number unique to each certificate
    • Date – Date the certificate was issued
    • Comment – Any additional information pertaining to the certificate, such as brand name